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Quick Update on my dad September 28, 2010

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Sorry, I have not been very good about updating my blog as far as my dad goes. I have been and still am in a state of disbelief at all that has and continues to go on. The last post was after his third surgery if I remember correctly. To read about it from the beginning start at the blog titled where have I been and read up from there. I am pleased to say he has regained his memory and his speech is much, much better.

He was in the hospital for quite awhile after the third surgery. They finally sent him home with the pick line and drains still in. My mom was taught how to administer the antibiotics using the IV. The next day he was back in the hospital because the line was clogged so they unclogged it and sent him back home. Less than a week after that he was back in the hospital very sick. There was an infection in the pick line which was now in his blood stream. He was admitted once again and they aggressively treated it with antibiotics. After several days he was sent home with inter venous antibiotics. He was actually home for a few weeks after that. He went back to have the last drain removed. He was home for about 5 hours when he started feeling really bad. He was admitted once again and he has a staph infection. They cleaned it out, put in another drain in yesterday and a lot of fluid has come out. As of right now he is in the hospital. What was supposed to happen was the skin should have reattached itself to the muscle but it did not so fluid filled the space between the skin and the muscle. If this drain gets it dried out they will allow the skin to reattach on it’s own, if it does not do that they will have to reopen the wound and actually sew the skin to the muscle.

I have been hesitant to update because as soon as I do something else happens. I never thought that we would still be dealing with ramifications of a surgery that happened June 8. My dad has spent the better part of the last 4 months in the hospital with many iffy moments. My mom has been up to see him pretty much every day he’s been there. Even the 10 days he was unconscious and the 4 when he was laying there, incision still open, unconscious and you could not touch him or even speak while in the room. She has been a trooper. My brother and I have been up to see him as well but not everyday. We check in with my mom everyday and have tried to help her out by helping clean her house, gardening, doing whatever to make it a little easier for her.

He should be heading home this week sometime with the drain and pick line so my mom can administer the antibiotics through the IV. After a few weeks they will remove the pick line and he will take oral antibiotics for a long time. I don’t know how long the drain tube will stay in. That is where we are at as of this moment.

This has been one crazy journey with curve balls coming in from every direction. Again, thank you all for the kind notes, cards, emails…they have been uplifting. Hopefully, the next update will say he’s doing great, recovering and out of the hospital.

Thanks for reading my brain splatter and have a great day!!


3 Responses to “Quick Update on my dad”

  1. gingerroels Says:

    Quick update on the update – He is currently home with his IV drip and drain tube…he has been home since Tuesday afternoon 😀 Hopefully, he will be able to regain strength and heal completely this time 😀

  2. Tooth Fairy Says:

    Praying for him to regain strength to help aid his healing and recovery!

  3. Terri Wyborski Says:

    What a roller coaster! I am praying for you. XXXOOOX

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