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Happy Father’s Day June 17, 2016

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This father’s day marks three years since my father went home to be with his Father. I suppose I’m the luckiest girl alive to have my dad and my heavenly father both looking down on me and I can only hope I make them both proud with who I am and continue to become. Of course, I still miss him and as I did the past two years I’ll curl up with his favorite shirt and watch Clint Eastwood movies all day in his honor 😀

To all you dads out there who helped fix their kids cars, helped motivate their kids to get straight A’s or good grades, helped with homework, who loved their kids faults and all, who embarrassed their kids at every opportunity or at the most opportune moments anyway, who mowed the lawn with their grand kids and a million other things that only dads and grandpas can do, HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!
You are the men more kids need in their lives.  You are the men to look up to.  Perfect or not, you are the men who are trying. To many kids grow up never knowing a dad so to you who remain active in a positive way in your children’s lives, hats off.

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