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Time to end it all – are you in? July 8, 2016

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This has to stop. All of it has to stop. I don’t know all the circumstances of the two gentleman that were shot by law enforcement, but, it appears those specific officers made some really bad calls and two people who shouldn’t have died did. My heart goes out to those families.

The individual or individuals who, in a moment of frustration and rage, chose to take the lives of 5 officers in Dallas had no right to do so. The two cases the gunman was angry about weren’t perpetrated in Texas. The officers he killed did not murder anyone. If this way of thinking continues, then law enforcement, angered by this gentleman’s actions, have a right to go out and randomly kill as well. When does it stop.

The DA and his assistant were murdered in Texas. No one held a rally on their behalf. No one went out and started shooting strangers because of it. Officers are shot every day. Officers are ambushed every day. Officers put themselves in harms way every day. Officers help people every day. When you need them because you are in danger, they come.

I am not saying every officer does what is right. I’m not saying corruption is not present within police departments. It would be ludicrous to even make such a statement. What I am saying is the majority of officers do what they do because they want to help, they want to make this world safer, they want to protect and serve.

I understand frustrations. However, killing at random because someone is wearing a uniform is wrong. Holding in contempt every officer out there because of a few who are making poor decisions is wrong. If justice is your goal and I can’t say that I believe it always is, then act justly. Blame those making the bad decisions not those who have nothing to do with them.

I have friends who are officers, who are amazing individuals and I would be devastated if something happened to them because they have families like you, kids who love them just like you, homes like you, friends like you and are human like you.

When is enough, enough. When do we say enough people have lost eyes in this “eye for eye” world we live in. When do we react with as much anger and passion when an officer is killed for no reason as we do when someone else is. When do we stop complaining and acting irrationally and begin making a change through reasonable thinking and kindness. This world doesn’t need more violence, it needs more peaceful solutions based in kindness not hate.

Let’s be the change this world so desperately needs. Are you in?


One Response to “Time to end it all – are you in?”

  1. gander2112 Says:

    Well put. I am truly losing my faith in humanity.

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