Ginger's Bubbling Out Brain Matter

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Mom Magic May 12, 2017

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M is for the Magic in a mothers kiss.  It heals wounds, instant alleviates any ouchies, make smiles appear on the worst of days and promises a good nights sleep, monster free.

O is for Oasis that a mom will always be. A place where a child can always go to be loved, encouraged and protected from all this world can do. A safe haven whether a child is 1 or 100 where the worst of mistakes will be forgiven and where a child can seek guidance to move forward. A place where a child is loved as they are.
T is for Teacher that a child can always trust. Whether you are teaching life lessons, math lessons, the importance of washing behind your ears lessons, kindness and caring for those around or the million other lessons a mom will teach throughout a child’s life.
H is for Heart which moms have extra helpings of.  Each day it fills with more and more love for the amazing miracle a child is.  It breaks all the time for a child’s sadness, hurts and harsh words children so quickly speak but moms hearts are extra tough so they love through all the pain. Their heart celebrates with successes, forgives, loves and accepts with each and every day.
E is for Everything because moms wear a million hats from coach, to cook, to chauffeur, to counselor and a million other things.
R is for Resourceful as moms can make something out of nothing from last minute projects at school, to forts and dinner.  Where some see nothing, moms see a million things.
What a tremendous blessing to get to be a mom, to watch our children grow, try, fail, try, succeed and understand that no matter what we do, they will make their own way and we get the amazing job of supporting them on that path even when we don’t agree with it because in the end our job is love our kids and when we do that, everything else falls into place.
To all you amazing moms out there, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.
Thanks for reading my brain splatter and have an amazing day!

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