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Time to go deeper, much, much deeper January 17, 2014

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After a copius amount of research, initially sparked by the fall of Lucifer, the next three blogs (it’s to much to put in one and the topics are to varied) will prove insightful, factual, theoretical, logical, scientific and will, as promised, have you wondering, questioning, understanding varying perspectives and  seeking answers you’ve never thought or been willing to ask. Having said that, I ask that  you keep in mind I am simply some girl who believes questioning and seeking is the only way to find.

I will begin with the initial process of learning more about the fall of Lucifer.  This will provide biblical facts as well as theories that have gone through my head in this process.  I’ll bullet point to keep from writing a 6 hour blog 🙂

  • Facts – Lucifer was created long before man.  He was made perfect, unmatched beauty, a prince of heaven, loved by God.  He walked in God’s Garden of Eden.  He was made, from what I understand, with beauty of voice as well.  He was tasked with teaching the creatures of earth, long before man, to live to their potential.  A mountain of gold was made the same day he was.  Lucifer was trusted by God, perfect, sinless, in complete harmony.  He was also tasked with teaching Adam and Eve.  Finally, he, as all are, was created with free will.  His name meant the morning star.
  • Fact – The only biblically stated fact as to his fall is this – “Your heart became proud on account of your beauty, and you corrupted your wisdom because of your splendor.”  His iniquities are not named.  All we know is God found them within him.
  • Fact – Lucifer was made perfect and chose evil.  God did not make him evil, he did not plant evil in his heart, Lucifer chose evil.  All angels were made with free will just as we are.  Lucifer, in fact, turned other angels against God and they left heaven with him.
  • Fact – He was cast out of the presence of God and held no place but still had access to heaven.
  • Fact – He was given charge of earth until the return of Christ so that man could understand his being cast out.  The apostle Paul says you are that which you obey unto eternal life or eternal death.  Evil is so man can learn from his mistakes but man has not so God patiently waits but the day will come when evil will be no more.  (You can find all these in Ezekial, Genesis, John and a few other books of the Bible)
  • Facts…for the most part – The king Tyres, some believe, was empowered by Satan or was Satan in human form due to inconsistencies.  He was unlike other men and more like an angel. This is the thoughts of man under his rule.  This is in the bible but still the opinion of man.

Theories, just theories about the iniquities of Lucifer that cast him out:

  • He was here before man so when man was created and Lucifer saw the love God showed them he became angry because God did not love him more, after all, he had been around longer and loved God longer.  In his anger he turned against God and man.  Instead of teaching man to be good he intentionally steered him in the wrong direction. God’s heart broke and he gave him many chances to turn back but he did not.
  • He fell in love with Eve and in the shadows loved her.  Eve, feeling bad, goes to Adam who is not mature enough to love her the same way.  This infuriated Lucifer so he changed his form and both of them fell out of God’s grace.
  • Another world may have existed prior to our own.  A place with people as the bible states Lucifer was cast down and turned to ashes in front of the kings who so admired him so they would see him for who he was.  Yet we are introduced to him in the Bible after his fall, when he tempts eve in the Garden.  There is no mention prior.  Yet we are told he walked on jewels, through God’s Garden with no one but God.  So all attention was lavished upon him. Yet outside the garden are millions of “God clones” and this is what angers him.
  • He thought himself above humans yet God calls him to bow to Adam…in fact he calls all angels to do the same.  This is when he says I am the same as God and will rule the heavens.  He lacks humility but does not lack confidence in believing his abilities to be matched to God.

There is so much more I could write but that’s enough for tonight.  Then next blog will be posted tomorrow and the 3rd Sunday.  As always, comments and questions are welcome but please play nice.

Have a fantastic night or day depending where you are in the world 😉


Unbridled Passion July 26, 2013

If there are two words that describe God it would be those words, unbridled passion.  God stepped beyond the thresh hold and with unbridled passion created.  Created a world passionate about Him and a world He is passionate about.  Before man there were mountains, streams, trees, animals, stars and all praised him.  Each day I take a short walk in the afternoon and smile as the wind wraps around the tree tops and in that moment they dance.  The leaves of the trees look like they are filled with joy at the touch of the wind.  This is how I see creation and my creator, much like the wind in the trees, comes in and envelops every part of me.  At that moment I dance with joy.


Have you ever considered how much passion was present when you were created?  How much knitting as the Bible puts it, went into you?  Let’s consider you, and you, and you.  The fact that some of my favorite readers demand some science, some absolutes that are not debatable but factual have been taken into consideration so my friends consider:

  • No two people have the exact same DNA.
  • No two people have the same fingerprint.  Everyone is unique. Every ridge unique to its owner.
  • There are only, to my knowledge, eight blood types. A+, A-, B+, B-, AB+, AB-, O+ and O-.  We don’t share our fingerprints, they are unique to us, they hold us accountable, but blood is given to help save lives so it would make sense that there would be a commonality in that. Despite that commonality, our blood contains our DNA so again we are held accountable for our actions.
  • Our inner organs are amazing, the way they work, the way they work together.  A healthy liver can regenerate healthy tissue.  Our kidneys eliminate harmful toxins from our bodies. Our hearts pump blood throughout our systems.  Our bodies warn us when something is not working right. I could go on for days but for the sake of those reading, I won’t.
  • Our physical configuration is unique.  To produce a replica, aka a child, you need certain things from the female and certain things from the male.  The woman has a built in system the child needs to grow, it has a food tube, and somehow lives in this tiny system. Woman produces food for the child for as long as she chooses.  Woman carries the child and when the child is born, that child knows the mothers voice.  Think for a moment of this amazing process.  If you’ve seen the area the baby grows in, it’s quite small but it grows with the baby.  It is wondrous when you hold your baby for the first time.  The only thought I recall was “how did he fit in there”. 
  • Our minds are capable of great good or great evil, the choice is left up to us.  Consider Archimedes, a man who greatly contributed to geometry as well as with his inventions. Einstein, a brilliant man.  Each had the choice of how to use their minds.  Consider Hitler, he also had a choice. The mom who clothes her child in love and kindness and the mom who takes the life of her child both have a choice to allow life or to take life.  I will never understand why one would take life when there are so many options available like adoption or contraception.  Sometimes, I believe we limit ourselves, others, I believe we are limited by those around us who say we can’t.  I’m telling you, you can. God is telling you the choice is yours.  The rewards or repercussions of your actions are also yours.
  • Given I’ve already written a fairly wordy blog on the precise measurements of the earth I’ll keep this short.  If the earth were millimeters off it would implode. I will go into more detail at a later date as we’re dealing with basics at the moment.


Now, let me clarify a few things that are not factual but for some reason are regularly used as an argument for the existence of God.

  • Man and woman, from all the research I’ve done, appear to have the same number of ribs.  The Bible never says “God took a rib from Adam and therefor woman has one more than man” Where do people get that from?  If you have factual evidence that man has one less rib, I’m all ears.
  • The forbidden fruit was an apple. Again, nowhere in the Bible is the fruit identified. Personally, if I had to guess what fruit it was, I would guess a pomegranate.  Why, that’s another blog but it’s not a fact so don’t head out and say I stated it as fact.  I am not.  The only fact being stated is that the fruit is not identified.  So, enjoy an apple as I’m fairly confident it will not cause loss of salvation.
  • This falls more in the misspoken  / doesn’t exist category.  While Ecclesiastes does say “There is a time for everything under the sun” I cannot find any place that says “Everything happens for a reason”.  I’m sure everything does but the Bible does not say that, anywhere.  People hear it and assume it must be scriptural.  Please take the time to look before you quote things.
  • Another thing that actually causes people to turn from their faith is this “God will not give you more than you can bear.”  The scripture says “God will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear.”  Those are two entirely different statements.  Please understand what you are saying before you say it.  The only thing promised is “in this life you will have trouble but consider it pure joy when you do”.  If life was always perfect we would never grow.  It is the difficulties that help us not only grow but allow us to help another person going through the same thing we did.



As we go the very humble dissertation by just some girl (aka me) will get more involved, intense, theological and will take you to places your mind didn’t know existed.  As always, feedback is welcome.  If you have specific questions, I welcome those as well and will do my best to answer them.  Again, I’m just some girl.


Next blog: “Were we the first earth, first people, first love of our God or is it possible that there was an earth before us”? 


Thanks for reading my brain splatter and have a fantastic week!!



The Threshold – Where God Begins June 16, 2013

The thresh hold, where stimulus produces sensation, where things happen or cease to happen. It is here we find God.

On the thresh hold where nothing existed until a creator chose to create us, chose to give us free will and to the extent that we could decide whether or not our creator exist at all. Therein lies the beauty and tragedy of creation.

From the beginning a tension that would last a lifetime began when Adam took his first breath. Do you ever wonder what Adams first thoughts were? How do you come to terms with the fact that the very thing you walk on, plant food in, sleep on is the thing you’re made of…or perhaps God said you are created in my image and that was it? I’ve never met someone who was literally created from dust….just born. As a mom, I’m still perplexed at the simplistic complication of pregnancy, birth, growth….it’s boggling when you really think of it.

This is where we shall begin with “Does God Exist”. Let’s consider the simple, the human body, dna, thumbprints, blood types, organs, pregnancy, all of which we’ll go into more detail about soon. The body has a built in system to eliminate excrement, to fight infection…it is truly a marvel. I can not believe some collision in the universe could create something so beautifully complex, can you?

The human mind is amazing!! What goes through it, the way it processes the uniqueness of how each brain processes information. Your body language, which you have very little control over in some areas can speak volumes. Given the most complex of problems in the right circumstance a mind that may not otherwise be able to come up with a way to figure something out, will. It’s called free will, the will to live. Then consider that very will can make the healthiest give up and die but can take the weakest, almost impossible of situations and bring them back to health.

My only question at this very moment is what was God thinking at the moment he stood at that threshold and said, I shall create man and give him free will. That very answer lies within us all, we all want to be loved, not because someone has to love us but because someone chooses to. So there God stood and said “Will you love me? Will you doubt me?” The choice is yours my child.

Thanks for reading my brain splatter and another blog bubbling out soon on this matter of the existence of God. Have a great night!!!!


Let the dissertation (a big word to describe numerous small ones) begin :-D December 26, 2012

Where to start…the beginning was to long ago and now is not long enough ago so let’s just begin as usual.  A conversation began, simply. The conversation grew as one would expect. Then a twist of fate that brought two people on twitter to a realm unknown.  Before I knew it, more and more joined this unexpected conversation.

The focal point of this conversation, does God exist.   Then many emails, tweets and the occasional IM later, why do I believe my God exists and more over why do I not believe the other hundreds don’t.  This is not a question I take lightly nor do I approach it with the expected.  Here we are 4 years or so later.  I have researched those hundreds of gods and did, at first, set out to define each and every one on my blog then in a glorious finish I would write this very blog you’re reading now.

I can without a doubt say that I have put my faith through every test found and with each test it grew stronger and I grew more knowledgeable. I’ll never reach the level of understanding those in the genius category reach, no, I’m just some girl.  This blog is simply, what I believe to be true based on extensive research and conversations with people on both sides of the coin.  You need both or you have no way to test your facts.  Welcome to what is sure to be enlightening to both of us.

Let the dissertation begin.  This is just the preface.  Have a great night and thanks for reading my brain splatter…more and more and more  to come 😀