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gods-a-plenty part 5 May 24, 2012

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If your just tuning in, look to your right and you’ll see a category named gods-a-plenty that explains all this. To those who have been reading all along, part 5 of many.  I think today, I’ll go out of order and add just a taste of the dissertation…after all, my end was written at the beginning and where I end, so does my writing and research.

Hittavainen – A god from Finnish mythology which I haven’t studied in any depth but the father of the Finnish gods would appear to resemble Thor if you’re a Marvel superhero fan 😀 Hittavainen is the god of hares. At a glance this god has ties to the “three hares” which has more to it than meets the eye.

Huixtocihuatl – An Aztec goddess over salt and salt water. She gained this status during a fight with her siblings in which they threw all of their salt water at her. This salt goddess was celebrated in June when some poor woman was deemed goddess for a day but once that day was through was sacrificed.

Ixtlilton – An Aztec god with conflicting definitions. The majority of research says he was over healing and medicine. When properly motivated through very specific offering and prayer he sent up cups of healing (what exactly was in cups or what the cups actually were is a mystery). There are other accounts that name him god of exercise and god of lust…hmmmm, I thought Zeus was the the latter with all his disguises.

Ksantiparamita – This does not appear to be a god at all but a character trait found in a an “ancient teaching of the elders” believed to be one of the oldest surviving Buddhist teachings. It’s one of the ten perfections you can achieve within the twelve excellences. The word paramita means chief excellence, perfection, gone beyond, transcendent, arrived. You can find these teachings in late canonicals and their commentaries.

Kumokums – He is a Native American God who created from mud, he is also known for having descended to the release his dead daughter from the evil spirits, he is also considered a pre-existent supreme god.

Let me break for a minute here to offer just a bit on the finale, if you will 😀

“As I consider the earth and it’s existence as well as the universe and all universe’s beyond what we know I have to wonder, is there a chance our existence is the result of some unintentional act of nature. When I think about all the things that have to go right in order to have sustainable life it’s monumental. Even if I were to consider the possibility of an act of nature in the creation of stars and other universes beyond what we know it would not explain life. Even in the consideration of natural selection which would assume an act of nature that produced something so strong that it could effectively overcome all other things to eventually achieve life as we know it. The amount of small steps natural selection would require in any given time frame would be dependent on some advantage over another living thing that allowed it to prevail still would not provide that thing vision for the future and what it would need to flourish. Natural selection considers it’s current conditions and how to succeed in it”

Back to our program – .Umvelinkwangi – The Zulu god of earthquake and thunder. He is said to have come down on a bolt of lightning to marry. He is also said to have created the supreme god, Unkulunkulu, from reeds. Eventually, Unkulunkulu grew to heavy for the reeds at which time he fell from the mythical swamp to earth.

Vacuna – This goddess seems to have been a Sabine goddess with questionable purpose. There seem to be thoughts that she was prayed to when family or friends were not with you, perhaps for favor upon them, hopes for a safe return but it seems more than anything she was called upon for favors to Horace.

That’s all for today and thanks for reading my brain splatter 😀


gods-a-plenty part 4 April 5, 2011

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If you’re just joining us read this and it will explain why you’re seeing part 4 before part 1 – 3. 😀

Agwe – Is a spirit based on voo doo originating in Lousiana. Agwe is not actually considered a deity but a servant to a deity named Bondye. So he is not prayed to but is served and recognized in Haitian Vodou by constructing rafts on which gifts are placed and left for him. He is over the sea, those on it and embodies masculinity.

Ah Bolom Tzacab – A Mayan god and depending on where you research you will find he is the god of agriculture and without his favor your crops and animals would perish or he is the god of aristocracy who’s favor you needed to ensure your place in society. From what I can find, the definition of who he was was dependent on where you lived and how financially well off or impoverished you were.

Ah Cancum – There are a few places here and there about this god. He is Mayan and some say god of the white man, some say god of hunting, some say he his nose became the moon but there is not a lot of detail on this one.

Ah Chun Caan – A Mayan god and again very little out there but from what I see some say god of war some say tutelary (over one specific place, person, lineage, etc.) of T’ho.

Ah Cuxtal – He appears to be the Mayan god of birth. His name literally means “come to life”. Without his blessing your birthing process was jeopardized so if you gave birth to a still born or disabled child you were cast out because Ah Cuxtal had cursed you.

All right, that’s all I have time for today but part 5 will be coming soon. I know there’s only 5 or 6 here but it does take time to research and with some a lot of time.

Have a great night and thanks for reading my brain splatter. 😀


gods a plenty is back March 9, 2011

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I believe it was a few years ago now that I began my research for my blogs titled “gods a plenty”. I was and still am enjoying all the research that comes with defining around 40 pages of Gods. The first three I wrote barely covered page one. As life does at times, mine got crazy. Be that as it may, I made a promise to one almightygod on twitter, who, for those who haven’t met him, is an atheist and a very nice guy, that I would research every one and in the end explain why I believe in God but dismiss the other thousands found in these pages. I promised, to be exact, a dissertation. So, for those who are just joining in now, I suppose the dissertation officially began with blog one and will continue into all blogs relating to the subject. They won’t come one after the other but I will try to get one posted at least every two weeks. By Saturday afternoon, March 19, the newest post regarding this subject will be up.

For those who are just joining, I am just some girl who loves to research, to read, to blog and to interact but am by no means a scholar so as always, feel free to correct anything I blog that you know to be different than my research would say.

Thanks for reading my brain splatter and I’m excited about continuing my gods-a-plenty research and blogging 😀

Have a fabulous day 😀


gods-a-plenty part 3 January 14, 2009

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Sorry it’s been so long between part 2 and 3 of this journey.  Thanks for joining me in the journey of learning about all these different gods. Thanks to those who challenge my thinking too 🙂 At the end of the journey I will write a disquisition explaining why I believe only in God, Yahweh, The Trinity, Jesus Christ and not the others.  At this point I am just presenting facts.  Always feel free to comment 🙂  Here we go:

Aether – Greek Mythology and was the personification of the space and heaven…so not really a god at all

Aethon – Greek and Roman Mythology he took on numerous forms depending on who you asked…so a horse, an eagle, personified famine, alias used by Odysseus.

Aetna – Greek Mythology, a Sicilian nymph, a daughter of Uranus and Gaea, or of Briareus.  goddess of the volcanic Mount Aetna in Sicily The mountain itself was believed to be the place in which Hephaestus and the Cyclops made the thunderbolts for Zeus. 

Africus – Believed to be both an African god of wine and in Roman mythology believed to be the personification of the south-western wind

Agastya – Hindu. Credited with writing the earliest and most revered Hindu scripture. Agastya is also the Indian astronomical name of the star of Canopus, is said to be the ‘cleanser of waters’. He is also said to have crossed the Vindhya mountains and that they bent low enough to enable the sage and his family to cross over and enter and then had the range of mountains promise never to grow until he crossed back over.  

Age – I can not find anything on this one…sorry….he has an unfortunate name….

Aghora – Hindu and fierce manifestation of Shiva, annihilator 

Aglaea – Greek Mythology daughter of Zeus and the youngest of the three Charities (godesses of charm), known as splendor, brilliant, shining one

Agni – Aryan god of fire, he is the enjoyer, the digester, the consumer, sun, heat, stomach, lust, and passion.  The nature of Agni is to spread, to take over and rule.

Agoue – Carribean Mythology. Protector of boats and fisherman.  He likes his sacrifices sent to him on small rafts. If they sink the sacrifice is accepted, if they float then you’re out of luck 🙂

Agrotora – Greek Mythology Alias for the goddess Artemis under which title she was considered  the patron goddess of hunters.

Agwe – Same as Agoue, just a different spelling

Ah Bolom Tzacab – Mayan god of agriculture who was believed to control the thunder and rain

Ah Cancum – Mayan god of hunting

Well that’s it for part 3…part 4 coming soon

Thanks for reading my brain splatter 🙂  Have a happy day 🙂


Part 2 of gods-a-plenty December 3, 2008

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Here is part 2 of my research on the many gods I don’t believe in …for full details on how this search began see part 1 a few post down 🙂  Again, feel free to comment on anything posted.  My goal is to present facts only at this point…I will do more commenting on my final dissertation in several months once I’ve finished it all 🙂 Here’s next set….

Adrasteia – goddess worshiped in 400 BC in Turkey. Along with Adamanthea she helped hide Zues from his father Cronus.  She was a nymph.  She is the goddess who supposedly gave Zues the famed waterglobe he is see with at times.

Adroa – god of the Lugbara people in Central Africa. This god has 2 aspects to his person and 2 –  1/2 bodies to go with his 2 personalities. The first is a creator and the visual for that is tall and white.  The second is pure evil and coal black and short.  So essentially he’s both god and satan wrapped up in one not so neat package.

Adroanzi – god of the Lugbara peope in Central Africa as well.  From what I see this was actually a whole group of gods and they followed people at night.  If a person turned around they were killed but if they didn’t turn around they were allowed to live.  This group of gods lived on the banks of very specific rivers. I may look more into these guys but that’s what I have for now.

Aegea – Known in Greek mythology as the daughter of the sun.

Aengus – Irish mythology. Known as the god of love, youth, poetic inspiration. He has an interesting history so just a small portion…He was conceived as the result of an affair and so his father (Dagda) could hide the affair he made the sun stand still for 9 months.  Essentially this guy was conceived, gestated and born in what appeared to be one day.  Take time to read a bit more one him…

Aeolus – Greek mythology. This god had 3 personages. The first was founder of the Aeolian race. The second was son of Poseidon who led a colony to islands in the Tyrrherian Sea. The third was son of Hippotes who gave Odysseus a closed bag of captured winds so he could sail home to Ithaca. There a lot more on this god as well you could take a peak at.

Aequitas – Roman mythology. goddess of fair trade. Her name also means equality or justice.


gods-a-plenty part 1 November 26, 2008

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So, I had someone send me a list of all the gods I don’t believe in…there are 34 pages of them…single space…wow. I decided to research each and every god on that list. I would love to share that journey with you so as I research I will be posting what I find on each of those gods. This will take months so I will try to post new research at least once a week…if not more often. The last thing I will do is a post on Jesus and why I do believe in Him but not the others. Below you will find the first group I have looked into. Feel free to add comments about any of them you would like. I will do my best to post facts and not personal comments but on some of these that will be hard. The one thing I have noticed so far is they are all referred to in a past tense. I am a Christian and I believe in God, the trinity, Jesus Christ but I think we should always be stretching ourselves and learning more….won’t you join me. Here is the first set –

Abassi – Originated in a Nigerian Efik tribe. Apparently created life per a request from his wife but said no pro-creating. The people didn’t listen and they did pro-create and made Abassi feel insecure so in order to keep the numbers down his wife gave the gifts of argument and death.

Abeona – Roman goddess (defined as a minor goddess) who protected children when they left home for the first time. Apparently the second time around protection wasn’t necessary 🙂

Abgal – Arabian god from the Palmyrian desert who looked over nomads and camel drivers.

Abuk – Originated in the Sudan and was the only well know female deity. She was the mother of the god of rain and fertility.

Abundantia – Roman goddess of fortune, abundance and prosperity

Ac Yanto – Mayan mythology created this god but no real information (readily available) exists on this guy / girl.

Acan – Mayan god made of honey and trees…

Acat – There is no information available on this one

Achelois – Greek goddess, muse, water nymph

Achelous – One of many river gods

Acolmitzli – Aztec god…that’s about all I see on this one

Acolnahuacatl – Aztec god of the underworld

Adamanthea – Greek nymph who helped raise Zeus and hid him from his father

Adeona – Roman mythology. She was in charge of guiding lost (as in runaways, missing) children.

Adimurti – Hindu origin. She is one of Vishnu’s avatars

Adityas – Hindu origin and he is a part of a group of celestial gods

Adonis – Worshiped by women and is the reason why handsome men are sometimes referred to as Adonis. Women plant gardens in his name and weep at his gardens. There are several accounts of his death.

Adrammelech – President of the senate of demons, Chancellor of Hell, Satan’s wardrobe manager

Thanks for reading my brain splatter 🙂 Have a Happy Day 🙂