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Meet my dad May 2, 2013

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I would love to introduce you all to my dad 😀  As I process everything I think focusing on the great moments, the fun moments, the crazy and at times embarrassing moments is far more helpful than focusing on one last moment. If you have moments you would like to share, please, I would love to hear them 😀

So, without further ado, let me tell and show you a bit about my dad…..perhaps story form would be easiest 😀

Once upon a time there were two people who had 8 children, 5 girls and 3 boys.  My dad was the youngest.  He grew up strong, tough and with a will stronger than the most stubborn you could imagine.  At 17 he rebuilt his first transmission and he also joined the army and headed off to war.  During one of his visits home to his sister, Mona, he met my mom who was there visiting.  They fell in love and got married.  First they had either a chipmunk or a squirrel but that didn’t work out so well so they decided to have a child instead.  Not long after they found out they were having a baby.  Her name was Rachel but God called her home after only a few hours on earth.  Then, they had second child. He was skinny and small and had tantrums till he turned blue but somehow together they made it through.  After all that they said lets have one more and so after awhile a beautiful little girl was born. She was adorable and sweet and lit up the room with her contagious smile.  She was full of life which made her a handful too but you know her name, no need to tell you 😉

My dad’s passions were fixing cars and working out.  He definitely rivaled Arnold with his giant muscles.  I can’t remember a time when my friends weren’t scared to death when they met him.  He was bold and strong.  You had to have a pretty thick skin if you were going to spend any time in my house.

My dad drove trucks and laid roofs and whatever he needed to raise his family.  Then when his children got to highschool he decided to go back to college.  He got straight A’s no matter the class and of course expected nothing less of my brother and I. He got his degree and became a lead engineer. He was a mentor to many young men and always pushed my brother and I to do more, be more, learn more.  Not only was he an engineer but he learned to rebuild computers, network systems, he learned DOS but engineering was his trade.  He fixed computers and rebuilt old ones in spare time or to help friends out.

He instilled in my brother and I the importance of earning what we had so I bought my first car at 19.  It didn’t run but my dad fixed it in no time.  Throughout my life my dad fixed all my cars and helped my brother learn to do the same for his wife to be. He was generous to those in need, funny, caring, embarrassing at times but always loved.

So many memories but I’ll just share a few or this blog will last until 2052. One night I had a sleepover with 4 or 5 friends and as we were watching movies my dad came out of his room wearing underwear.  After he went back in his room one of my friends said I didn’t know you’re brother was so hot.  I doubled over laughing when I looked over and said ummmmm….that’s not my brother, that’s my dad 😀  He loved to embarrass me when I was in high school. He would loudly say, Ginger stop looking at that guy over there.  Then he would say, my daughter thinks your cute as I’m trying to crawl under a table.  He had the most unique taste in clothing…I about died when I opened gifts on Christmas and he had bought bright yellow and turquoise sweats.  At 17 he signed me up for the big bird club….that wasn’t so bad when my friends weren’t around.

As you would expect, I am my fathers daughter and we had epic fights and didn’t speak for months while living in the same house. Both of us to bullheaded to give in so my mom would always intervene and then it was as if nothing had happened.

He was an amazing grandfather who taught my boys to make “coco puffs” to add fun to yardwork….I wouldn’t recommend eating them.  It was grass and dog poo….uck!!  He loved all four of his grandchildren, my boys and my brothers girls.  They all loved him.  All of us always will.

Now, let me show you a bit about my dad…..


Remembrance for my Dad April 30, 2013

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Anyone wising to join me at 6:30am, this coming Wednesday, May 1st, at the beach, near the Jack In the Box on PCH and Warner, I will be having a simple service to help me let go by tossing flowers into the ocean and just reflecting.  My dad has requested no service be held.  Please let me know if you’re interested in meeting at the beach.

Love to you all, Ginger.


My Dad Passed Away April 27, 2013

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After enduring so very much and fighting till the end, my dad passed away this afternoon.  For those who have prayed, thank you.  For those who have offered encouragement, thank you.  I am veiled in tears and gratitude because his suffering is over but it really sucks that my dad is gone.


Weeping with joy August 21, 2012

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So often we hear “you are blessed and highly favored”, “ask and it shall be given”, “fear not”, “be glad during the hard times because that teaches you endurance”.  Never did I think all those things could descend upon me at once.

My dad is a fighter. I am so very thankful for that. If you’ve followed the updates you know miracle upon miracle has been granted him by God.  Last week was eventful to say the very least.  He was in the hospital twice.  I stayed over to help my mom out.  Thursday was exceptionally eventful.  Around 8ish my mom goes to bed, my dad is resting and I’m wrapping my mind around a billion things going on.  About 10 minutes after everyone is resting the doorbell rings.  I’m thinking who in the world would be ringing doorbells so I ignored it.  Someone starts banging on the door.  Thinking someone may be in trouble or hurt I have my son open the door as I was not appropriately dressed for company  (the screen was locked).

My son stands wide eyed at these 7 men on the porch. I stand up and recognize one of them. They live up the street from my parents and my kids went to school with their grandkids for 5 years.  Looking around the corner I greet them and they were there to see my dad. I go in, get my mom (my dad couldn’t walk) and she comes out.  I put the dog out so they could come in and I quickly retreat to a room.  The men go into my parents room and begin talking to my dad.

These men had come, not because anyone asked, not because anyone requested a visit, but because they felt called by the spirit to come and pray over my dad.  As I stand in the room with the door shut I look up toward the ceiling and say, God, only you would call out to your servants to come and pray. Only You know our hearts when our minds have shut them out.  Only You  answer the prayers spoken, not with words nor worries, but with our hearts.  Those things we care the most about.

I was quickly humbled in that moment and I wept at the beauty of God. In those moments when life feels like it’s left to the whims of the world we are reminded to fear not because God can kick the worlds hiney….yes, I did actually use that word 😀

Thanks for reading my brain splatter 😀  Have a great night and take the time to enjoy the beauty of God 😀


My Dad’s Journey March 13, 2012

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I’m not sure how to say all this so I’ll do my best…it’s the reason you haven’t heard much from me lately. My dad has been given 2 – 8 months to live. Discussing it at all is difficult so please just keep my family in prayer and I will update as necessary. I’m extraordinarily grateful for so much and struggling with it and the range of emotion is unbelievable. So here’s the good, the bad and the truth of it all.

He has had liver cancer for a long time however very few people knew. Up until the heart surgery fiasco I was the only one besides my mom. After that surgery all of five people knew. He has recently made the decision to discontinue all treatment because being in bed 90% of the time is not living and that’s what the treatment was doing…it was endurable when it was making a substantial difference but it’s no longer doing that. He has chosen to live with the time he has left and I would have made the exact same decision.

I have been so incredibly blessed to have had two years and in all truth many more than that based on doctor opinion but I have maintained that it’s not the doctors who make the call it’s God and I want to take the time to say with each prayer sent up a miracle has been sent down. I can say with all certainty that it was God’s hand because not even one person, whether they share my beliefs or not, could explain any of it.

I am grateful to have been given the time to spend with my dad. I am grateful for all he’s taught me…that ridiculously strong stubbornness, that straightforwardness, that belief that I will get bent but I will never allow anyone to break me, that need to tell the truth even when it’s not in my best interest, that fear nothing even when it’s not in my best interest, that belief that people can change but it may take awhile and so much more.

I am so grateful he was able to see all four of his grandchildren born. I am grateful that my 10 year old has had the opportunity to learn so many things from my dad and has developed a very strong bond. Both my boys have also seen what it looks like to not fear death or anything really but to embrace life to the fullest no matter the circumstances. They have seen what a strong individual who knows without doubt that when your time is up, it’s up and the how is really inconsequential.

Having said all that, and realizing what an incredible gift that time is, it’s still hard and it still sucks and there are still days where I want to hunt down that heart surgeon and do for him what he’s done for me…at the same time I know that when your time is up, your time is up and even without the surgery fiasco it would be time. When I consider that fact I am grateful that I got the time many don’t….

That the good, the bad and the truth of it all. How could all that be happening and no one know….that’s the stain glass masquerade I blogged about some time ago. It was requested that I tell no one and I get that request from a lot of people…perhaps your one so take comfort in knowing when you say tell no one, I tell no one….

All topics of conversation are totally fine except this one so if you want to know why our intrinsic desire to be nouns when we were created to be adjectives is or if you want to discuss our paradisal form or if you want to know what color the fence up the street is (yep, people have called and asked that) I would be happy to engage.


Pleasant Update on my Dad August 31, 2011

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First, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I wish I could list every name because, whether I showed it or not, my heart was touched by your kindness and love. To all of you who asked, to all of you who called, sent cards, showed up at the hospital, hugged me just a little longer and for those who gave me space when I needed it, those who knew at some point the best thing they could do is say “that really sucks”, to those who made me laugh, to Scott Schlatter, Amy Naluai, Eric Haley, Christine Haley, Nathan Schlatter (if anyone can make you laugh it’s him), Chelsea Schlatter, Ian, Nolan Schlatter (his smile and joy warms your heart) and everyone else who had me laughing so hard it hurt during our 24 hour cancer walk…team Ms. Piggy, you didn’t know what I was going through but you brought a smile to my face that had been gone, thank you. A special thanks to Scott and Nathan…we were walking because of your loss…words can’t express how I felt leaving the next morning. I would also like to thank that second team of surgeons and specialist, you are a compliment to your profession, thanks 😀

If you’re not sure what happened, read from the bottom up in this category (my dad if you’re looking at the category widget on the right) and it will all be kinda clear…not all the details but enough.

I am filled with joy to announce that all things considered my dad is doing pretty well. Thanksgiving 2010 brought a gratitude and heart overwhelming with thanks. My dad was there, cutting the turkey, laughing, smiling and enjoying the day. My favorite uncle was also there, which was a huge gift…perhaps someday you’ll hear about that too. Christmas 2010 was also filled with laughter, joy, family and again, much gratitude for the day.

I cherish every moment, every family gathering, every smile, every everything. I believed in miracles before all that went down but now I’ve seen several so I praise God every day for all he has given me but especially for my dad. There are still good days and not so good days but had you walked in my shoes over the past year and a half you would be thankful even for the not so good days. My prayer would be that God give me another few years. That my kids and my brothers kids would get to know their grandfather a little bit better.

It’s so strange my whole life I’ve said the last thing you say to someone, may be the last thing you say to them. The last thing I had said was let me know how your appointment goes, talk to you later. Later, I got the call but not from him, from the hospital. The next day, I got another call that prompted the no, no, no blog.

It was a few months before I spoke to him again and only by the grace of God. I was there when he woke up but he didn’t know who I was. It was another month before I spoke to my dad as his daughter.

Today, I am thankful because I got the opportunity so many don’t. I got to feel the joy of watching my dad recover. Am I blessed? Yes, beyond belief 😀

Thanks for reading my brain splatter and have a happy day 😀


Quick Update on my dad September 28, 2010

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Sorry, I have not been very good about updating my blog as far as my dad goes. I have been and still am in a state of disbelief at all that has and continues to go on. The last post was after his third surgery if I remember correctly. To read about it from the beginning start at the blog titled where have I been and read up from there. I am pleased to say he has regained his memory and his speech is much, much better.

He was in the hospital for quite awhile after the third surgery. They finally sent him home with the pick line and drains still in. My mom was taught how to administer the antibiotics using the IV. The next day he was back in the hospital because the line was clogged so they unclogged it and sent him back home. Less than a week after that he was back in the hospital very sick. There was an infection in the pick line which was now in his blood stream. He was admitted once again and they aggressively treated it with antibiotics. After several days he was sent home with inter venous antibiotics. He was actually home for a few weeks after that. He went back to have the last drain removed. He was home for about 5 hours when he started feeling really bad. He was admitted once again and he has a staph infection. They cleaned it out, put in another drain in yesterday and a lot of fluid has come out. As of right now he is in the hospital. What was supposed to happen was the skin should have reattached itself to the muscle but it did not so fluid filled the space between the skin and the muscle. If this drain gets it dried out they will allow the skin to reattach on it’s own, if it does not do that they will have to reopen the wound and actually sew the skin to the muscle.

I have been hesitant to update because as soon as I do something else happens. I never thought that we would still be dealing with ramifications of a surgery that happened June 8. My dad has spent the better part of the last 4 months in the hospital with many iffy moments. My mom has been up to see him pretty much every day he’s been there. Even the 10 days he was unconscious and the 4 when he was laying there, incision still open, unconscious and you could not touch him or even speak while in the room. She has been a trooper. My brother and I have been up to see him as well but not everyday. We check in with my mom everyday and have tried to help her out by helping clean her house, gardening, doing whatever to make it a little easier for her.

He should be heading home this week sometime with the drain and pick line so my mom can administer the antibiotics through the IV. After a few weeks they will remove the pick line and he will take oral antibiotics for a long time. I don’t know how long the drain tube will stay in. That is where we are at as of this moment.

This has been one crazy journey with curve balls coming in from every direction. Again, thank you all for the kind notes, cards, emails…they have been uplifting. Hopefully, the next update will say he’s doing great, recovering and out of the hospital.

Thanks for reading my brain splatter and have a great day!!