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Merry Christmas 2017 December 18, 2017

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It’s time for my annual Christmas blog 🙂  It’s been a very exciting year and it just keeps getting better. One of the most exciting changes was our move to a new apartment.   I have never lived in a brand new anything so getting to move into an apartment no one has ever lived in was really exciting. I am on the fifth floor and have a spectacular view at night.  I love, love, love it!

Nicolas is a sophomore in high school and doing incredibly well. He will be 16 in a month and is officially about an inch taller than me.  He is a member of one of the top MUN groups and has placed several times when speaking. He is loving high school and has a passion for learning like his momma. He has decided he wants to be a psychiatrist so we are looking into colleges that would best suit his aspirations.  Over Christmas break this year he will be volunteering where I work for school community service with some of our case managers to get an idea of what he’s seeking to do in life. As always I am so very proud of who he is and is continuing to become.

Ethan graduates from Junior High this year and will start high school in the fall. He is 13. He is also doing very well. His passion for art has grown him into a remarkable artist.  He is also into doing computer animation and thinks his calling may be something in that direction. We spent four weekends painting his room and it’s all freehand.  He didn’t quite realize what he was getting into when he asked to do it but it turned out awesome – pic below. As he and I talk about where he wants to be in life we both think Disney Imagineer would definitely suit him. I am also extremely proud of Ethan, his accomplishments and the young man he is and continues to grow into.

All in all life is amazing right now.  I have an apartment I love, a job I love, two remarkable boys I get to be a mom to and a bright future ahead for all three of us.

Thanks for reading my brain splatter and Happy Holidays from our hearts and home to yours.

Ginger, Nic and Ethan


One man who made a big difference – Judge Pregerson November 27, 2017

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I want to live my life so that this world is a better place when I leave it than when I came.  I believe very strongly that one person can make a monumental difference in this world and in their life time.

Judge Harry Pregerson was one such man.  I never  had the privilege of meeting judge Pregerson but am privileged to be directly impacted by who he was and what he did.  I work with Century Villages at Cabrillo, an amazing community and organization devoted to helping others in numerous ways who you can learn more about here.  It is because of judge Pregerson that CVC exist and they are able to do the work they do.  I wanted to share the Obituary written about judge Pregerson.

A common question asked of people is who do you admire or who would you aspire to be like.  I can confidently say, Judge Pregerson.  I want to change the world and make it a better place, like him.   Without further ado, the obituary…..


Liberal L.A.-based jurist embraced the underdog

Obit for Judge Pregerson

‘HE WAS FULL OF LOVE’Harry Pregerson poses next to photos of the 136 law clerks
who worked for him during his career. (Patrick T. Fallon For The Times)

U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Harry Pregerson, a Los Angeles-based jurist who
embraced the underdog and let his conscience inform his rulings, has died. He was 94.
Pregerson, who was suffering from respiratory ailments, died Saturday night at his
Woodland Hills home surrounded by family, said Sharon Pregerson, his daughter-in-law.
A few nights earlier, with his health seriously failing, he turned to his wife, Bernardine,  and expressed a regret. “ ‘The hard thing is that I don’t have strength anymore to help people,’ ” recounted U.S. District Judge Dean Pregerson, Harry’s son.

“He was full of love,” Sharon Pregerson said. “He helped so many people. That was his
mission. That’s why he got up every morning.” Pregerson, born in Los Angeles on Oct. 13, 1923, was one of the most liberal federal appeals court judges in the nation.
He grew up in East Los Angeles, served as a Marine in World War II and suffered severe
wounds in the Battle of Okinawa. He later graduated from UCLA and obtained his law
degree from UC Berkeley. Dubbed a “thug for the Lord” by one attorney, Pregerson was relentless in his efforts away from the bench to help the poor in Los Angeles.

He worked to establish several homeless shelters and volunteered at one each
Thanksgiving. Dr. Katie Rodan, Pregerson’s daughter, said that she nicknamed her dad “the rescue machine” when she was a teenager. “He wants to save everyone,” she said in a 2015 interview. “He wants to save the world.”

On the bench, Pregerson was often controversial. He stirred criticism when he refused to
follow a 2003 U.S. Supreme Court ruling upholding California’s tough three-strikes
sentencing law. Not long after the court’s decision, Pregerson dissented in rulings that
upheld life sentences, some for relatively minor crimes. His dissents were seen by some critics as insubordination, but Pregerson was frank about putting his conscience first.
“My conscience is a product of the Ten Commandments, the Bill of Rights, the Boy Scout
Oath and the Marine Corps Hymn,” the Carter appointee said during his Senate
confirmation hearing. “If I had to follow my conscience or the law, I would follow my
Pregerson also was viewed by some as a federalist, a label most often worn by
conservatives and libertarians. He favored restraints on the power of the federal government and wrote a decision saying federal authorities lacked authority to interfere with state medical marijuana laws. The U.S. Supreme Court later overturned the decision. “His was a jurisprudence that was really based on the recognition of the dignity of every person,” said UC Berkeley Law School Dean Erwin Chemerinsky.
“For him the law was much less about abstractions and much more about what it would
mean in people’s lives,” Chemerinsky said. Pregerson took senior status in 2015 at the age of 92 after 36 years on the 9th Circuit. The move reduced his workload, but he made it reluctantly, at his wife’s urging. “You know, at 92 you are not 82,” the judge said in an interview at the time. “You slow down a bit and need a little more rest.”

The injuries he suffered in the war also were hobbling him. He needed two ski poles to
help him walk. He told The Times he viewed the bench as a way to improve the lives of others. “I looked upon being a judge as a chance to help as many people as I could through the law,” he said. “And it has given me that opportunity, no doubt about that.”
A public square, a freeway interchange and a child-care center in L.A. bear Pregerson’s
name. In response to a lawsuit when he was a lower court judge, Pregerson prevented
construction of the 105 Freeway until construction jobs were set aside for women and
minorities and a training program was in place to give them the needed skills. The settlement he helped write also ensured that affordable housing was built for
residents displaced by the project. Civil rights lawyer Paul L. Hoffman, who teaches international human rights law at UC Irvine and Harvard University, called Pregerson “one of a kind.” “He was so committed to social justice,” Hoffman said. Christopher David Ruiz Cameron, a law professor at Southwestern Law School and a trustee of the Mexican American Bar Foundation, said Pregerson lived most of his life on the Westside and in the West Valley, “but his soul remained in the working-class Mexican American community of East L.A. where he grew up.”

“Harry never forgot his roots,” Cameron said. “He identified with the struggles of
Chicanos and practically considered himself one of us.” The son of Ukrainian Jewish immigrants, Pregerson made his home in Woodland Hills, where he and Bernardine raised their two children, Katie and Dean. Two years before taking a reduced workload, the elder Pregerson lost his grandson, David, Dean’s son, in a hit-and-run. The elder Pregerson said the family would never get over it. He recalled that his father, a postal worker who fought in the trenches in World War I, told him life was a battlefield.
“You never know when you will get hit,” the judge said. Pregerson remained close to his adult children and grandchildren throughout his life. When Rodan was 12, her mother decided she was bored at home and wanted to go back to school full time to receive a graduate degree in microbiology. She expected the judge to assume the domestic duties, Rodan recalled. “He was a typical 1960s man,” she said. “He came home late from work and expected to have the dinner on the table.” Suddenly, he was taking her to ballet and running errands. But he couldn’t cook, and she said they ate dinner at restaurants. She called those years “a gift.” “He told me, ‘When you grow up, be your own boss and make your own money. Don’t rely on a man to support you. You don’t know what life is going to deal you.’ ” Rodan, a dermatologist, took his advice and started highly successful skin-care companies. Besides his wife and two children, Pregerson is survived by son-in-law Amnon Rodan, daughter-in-law Sharon, four grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Thanks for reading my brain splatter and this article by Maura Dolan at the LA Times.  I only hope one day, I can make this kind of a difference.

Have an amazing  night 😀



Mom Magic May 12, 2017

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M is for the Magic in a mothers kiss.  It heals wounds, instant alleviates any ouchies, make smiles appear on the worst of days and promises a good nights sleep, monster free.

O is for Oasis that a mom will always be. A place where a child can always go to be loved, encouraged and protected from all this world can do. A safe haven whether a child is 1 or 100 where the worst of mistakes will be forgiven and where a child can seek guidance to move forward. A place where a child is loved as they are.
T is for Teacher that a child can always trust. Whether you are teaching life lessons, math lessons, the importance of washing behind your ears lessons, kindness and caring for those around or the million other lessons a mom will teach throughout a child’s life.
H is for Heart which moms have extra helpings of.  Each day it fills with more and more love for the amazing miracle a child is.  It breaks all the time for a child’s sadness, hurts and harsh words children so quickly speak but moms hearts are extra tough so they love through all the pain. Their heart celebrates with successes, forgives, loves and accepts with each and every day.
E is for Everything because moms wear a million hats from coach, to cook, to chauffeur, to counselor and a million other things.
R is for Resourceful as moms can make something out of nothing from last minute projects at school, to forts and dinner.  Where some see nothing, moms see a million things.
What a tremendous blessing to get to be a mom, to watch our children grow, try, fail, try, succeed and understand that no matter what we do, they will make their own way and we get the amazing job of supporting them on that path even when we don’t agree with it because in the end our job is love our kids and when we do that, everything else falls into place.
To all you amazing moms out there, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.
Thanks for reading my brain splatter and have an amazing day!

Happy Holidays 2016 December 14, 2016

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My older son said goodbye to Junior High and hello to High School.  He’s  in MUN (Model United Nations and is an academic competition in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations.)  He’s taken up guitar and playing it beautifully.  He’s doing well in school and an amazing young man….not a baby anymore but always my baby 😀

My younger son began his second year of junior high and is doing amazing. He has really developed his art techniques and I am always impressed with his work.  The amount of detail is amazing.  He also has his own you tube channel where he does speed art and live gaming streams.

I am doing amazing, loving life, loving work and loving my boys 😀  I’m a little behind on the blogging but it’s always floating around in my head just waiting to come out.

May you be blessed with family, friends and amazing start to 2017.  Thanks for reading my brain splatter.  From my heart and home to yours, HAPPY HOLIDAYS 😀


My Son Chose Me. Wow. November 30, 2016

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Of all the people in the world he could have chosen, world leaders past and present, sports stars, teachers, humanitarians, presidents or any number of individuals my eldest son could have chosen as his hero, he chose me, his mom.  If the only thing I receive this year is the paper my son wrote for his high school literature class on why, of all the people in the world, I’m his hero, it would be more than I could ever want or need. Wow. Amazed. Blessed. Loved. Wow.   I had to share what he wrote with you so I scanned it below, hopefully you can can read it:

Have I ever said how much I LOVE and am blessed by my two amazing boys!!!  Have a  great day and thanks for reading my brain splatter,

Time to end it all – are you in? July 8, 2016

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This has to stop. All of it has to stop. I don’t know all the circumstances of the two gentleman that were shot by law enforcement, but, it appears those specific officers made some really bad calls and two people who shouldn’t have died did. My heart goes out to those families.

The individual or individuals who, in a moment of frustration and rage, chose to take the lives of 5 officers in Dallas had no right to do so. The two cases the gunman was angry about weren’t perpetrated in Texas. The officers he killed did not murder anyone. If this way of thinking continues, then law enforcement, angered by this gentleman’s actions, have a right to go out and randomly kill as well. When does it stop.

The DA and his assistant were murdered in Texas. No one held a rally on their behalf. No one went out and started shooting strangers because of it. Officers are shot every day. Officers are ambushed every day. Officers put themselves in harms way every day. Officers help people every day. When you need them because you are in danger, they come.

I am not saying every officer does what is right. I’m not saying corruption is not present within police departments. It would be ludicrous to even make such a statement. What I am saying is the majority of officers do what they do because they want to help, they want to make this world safer, they want to protect and serve.

I understand frustrations. However, killing at random because someone is wearing a uniform is wrong. Holding in contempt every officer out there because of a few who are making poor decisions is wrong. If justice is your goal and I can’t say that I believe it always is, then act justly. Blame those making the bad decisions not those who have nothing to do with them.

I have friends who are officers, who are amazing individuals and I would be devastated if something happened to them because they have families like you, kids who love them just like you, homes like you, friends like you and are human like you.

When is enough, enough. When do we say enough people have lost eyes in this “eye for eye” world we live in. When do we react with as much anger and passion when an officer is killed for no reason as we do when someone else is. When do we stop complaining and acting irrationally and begin making a change through reasonable thinking and kindness. This world doesn’t need more violence, it needs more peaceful solutions based in kindness not hate.

Let’s be the change this world so desperately needs. Are you in?


Screwtape Part One of Three July 6, 2016

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I will be taking a few weeks to summarize thoughts on the Screwtape Letters as my reading group and I discuss the book.  With that in mind…..

I should like to have begun this blog with a full summation of letters 1 – 10 but didn’t get an opportunity to write / sum up as I normally would so below are brief thoughts from week one as we are now headed into week two.

  • It would appear Screwtape calls his nephew more to diverting the attention of his human than changing the mind of his human.  Should Wormwood’s human begin to argue or ponder on a point for to long it could lose Wormwood the soul but if he just forgets about it due to something like a bout of hunger, he’s likely to move forward with no further thought neither side wins but neither side loses either.  The human is left in a place of complacency.
  • The human is lost to the enemy but Wood is told not to fret, this is a temporary flirtation that is easily changed.  Screwtape wants Wormwood to get his human to focus on specific Christians rather than the faith as a whole.  Something we all easily fall prey to. We can without thought turn who Christ is into a person rather than allowing Christ to help us see as person as he does. That sense of I’m better than _________ rather than I’m no better than____________.  We all struggle with different things and can therefore really not count ourselves better than another. The enemy can easily make our perspective our worst enemy.  It can cause us to close off relationships, turn people away because we fell superior to them when it’s simply a matter of our perception being dramatically skewed by past opinion, past behavior, the past as a whole.  Many people change inside but our thoughts won’t allow us to see that.
  • Screwtape encourages Wormwood to “egg the mother and son on to believe annoyances are deliberate”.  Screwtape also encourages Wormwood to draw to mind the better, older brother in the prodigal son story. The perfect child, always there, never doing wrong, that’s the child to love while this “other child” deserves no love because they had and lost deliberately” so they ought no be around.
  • Screwtape helps Wormwood understand the difference in ignoring a thought and receiving a thought. We oftentimes think the devil puts evil thoughts into our minds and he may but it would appear Screwtape believes it more important to keep thought out of our minds rather than replacing thoughts in our mind.  Screwtape also encourages Wormwood to confuse thought.  Rather than actually thinking about God while praying to God we think of ourselves. Think about your time of prayer and how much of it focuses on God and how much focuses on what you want to be able to do or overcome. Brief example: “God, thank you for your strength” God, thank you that I am strong” – Are they the same prayer with the same focus?  I would say they are not.
  • Christianity calls us to reason and rationality while the enemy calls us to worry about that which is not but may be. As war is used as an example, the patient, as he is called begins to worry about all the what ifs, no rationality just a mind running in circles contemplating that which is not and may very well never be so decisions are based on the current mindset.
  • Screwtape is teaching wormwood to allow the patient to focus not on sin but the object of the sin.  For example, lust is a sin so to keep us from focusing on the sin itself we focus on the man or woman we are lusting after rather than the act of lust itself.  Charity, kindness, benevolence are all great things but rather than allowing the patient to focus on the act of kindness thoughts are turned to how wonderful the person offering the charity or kindness is rather than focusing on the actual kindness and who it’s being done for.
  • Screwtape helps Wormwood understand the patient not believing in anything, God or the Devil, is actually beneficial.  Great atrocities have been incited by those who don’t believe in God or the Devil.  Evil is more successful when atrocities are not committed in it’s name but in the name of the greater good as understood by those committing those things others would see as nefarious.
That’s it for blog one in this series.  Blog two will be coming tomorrow.  Thanks for reading my brain splatter and have an amazing day!!!