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Time to end it all – are you in? July 8, 2016

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This has to stop. All of it has to stop. I don’t know all the circumstances of the two gentleman that were shot by law enforcement, but, it appears those specific officers made some really bad calls and two people who shouldn’t have died did. My heart goes out to those families.

The individual or individuals who, in a moment of frustration and rage, chose to take the lives of 5 officers in Dallas had no right to do so. The two cases the gunman was angry about weren’t perpetrated in Texas. The officers he killed did not murder anyone. If this way of thinking continues, then law enforcement, angered by this gentleman’s actions, have a right to go out and randomly kill as well. When does it stop.

The DA and his assistant were murdered in Texas. No one held a rally on their behalf. No one went out and started shooting strangers because of it. Officers are shot every day. Officers are ambushed every day. Officers put themselves in harms way every day. Officers help people every day. When you need them because you are in danger, they come.

I am not saying every officer does what is right. I’m not saying corruption is not present within police departments. It would be ludicrous to even make such a statement. What I am saying is the majority of officers do what they do because they want to help, they want to make this world safer, they want to protect and serve.

I understand frustrations. However, killing at random because someone is wearing a uniform is wrong. Holding in contempt every officer out there because of a few who are making poor decisions is wrong. If justice is your goal and I can’t say that I believe it always is, then act justly. Blame those making the bad decisions not those who have nothing to do with them.

I have friends who are officers, who are amazing individuals and I would be devastated if something happened to them because they have families like you, kids who love them just like you, homes like you, friends like you and are human like you.

When is enough, enough. When do we say enough people have lost eyes in this “eye for eye” world we live in. When do we react with as much anger and passion when an officer is killed for no reason as we do when someone else is. When do we stop complaining and acting irrationally and begin making a change through reasonable thinking and kindness. This world doesn’t need more violence, it needs more peaceful solutions based in kindness not hate.

Let’s be the change this world so desperately needs. Are you in?


Screwtape Part One of Three July 6, 2016

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I will be taking a few weeks to summarize thoughts on the Screwtape Letters as my reading group and I discuss the book.  With that in mind…..

I should like to have begun this blog with a full summation of letters 1 – 10 but didn’t get an opportunity to write / sum up as I normally would so below are brief thoughts from week one as we are now headed into week two.

  • It would appear Screwtape calls his nephew more to diverting the attention of his human than changing the mind of his human.  Should Wormwood’s human begin to argue or ponder on a point for to long it could lose Wormwood the soul but if he just forgets about it due to something like a bout of hunger, he’s likely to move forward with no further thought neither side wins but neither side loses either.  The human is left in a place of complacency.
  • The human is lost to the enemy but Wood is told not to fret, this is a temporary flirtation that is easily changed.  Screwtape wants Wormwood to get his human to focus on specific Christians rather than the faith as a whole.  Something we all easily fall prey to. We can without thought turn who Christ is into a person rather than allowing Christ to help us see as person as he does. That sense of I’m better than _________ rather than I’m no better than____________.  We all struggle with different things and can therefore really not count ourselves better than another. The enemy can easily make our perspective our worst enemy.  It can cause us to close off relationships, turn people away because we fell superior to them when it’s simply a matter of our perception being dramatically skewed by past opinion, past behavior, the past as a whole.  Many people change inside but our thoughts won’t allow us to see that.
  • Screwtape encourages Wormwood to “egg the mother and son on to believe annoyances are deliberate”.  Screwtape also encourages Wormwood to draw to mind the better, older brother in the prodigal son story. The perfect child, always there, never doing wrong, that’s the child to love while this “other child” deserves no love because they had and lost deliberately” so they ought no be around.
  • Screwtape helps Wormwood understand the difference in ignoring a thought and receiving a thought. We oftentimes think the devil puts evil thoughts into our minds and he may but it would appear Screwtape believes it more important to keep thought out of our minds rather than replacing thoughts in our mind.  Screwtape also encourages Wormwood to confuse thought.  Rather than actually thinking about God while praying to God we think of ourselves. Think about your time of prayer and how much of it focuses on God and how much focuses on what you want to be able to do or overcome. Brief example: “God, thank you for your strength” God, thank you that I am strong” – Are they the same prayer with the same focus?  I would say they are not.
  • Christianity calls us to reason and rationality while the enemy calls us to worry about that which is not but may be. As war is used as an example, the patient, as he is called begins to worry about all the what ifs, no rationality just a mind running in circles contemplating that which is not and may very well never be so decisions are based on the current mindset.
  • Screwtape is teaching wormwood to allow the patient to focus not on sin but the object of the sin.  For example, lust is a sin so to keep us from focusing on the sin itself we focus on the man or woman we are lusting after rather than the act of lust itself.  Charity, kindness, benevolence are all great things but rather than allowing the patient to focus on the act of kindness thoughts are turned to how wonderful the person offering the charity or kindness is rather than focusing on the actual kindness and who it’s being done for.
  • Screwtape helps Wormwood understand the patient not believing in anything, God or the Devil, is actually beneficial.  Great atrocities have been incited by those who don’t believe in God or the Devil.  Evil is more successful when atrocities are not committed in it’s name but in the name of the greater good as understood by those committing those things others would see as nefarious.
That’s it for blog one in this series.  Blog two will be coming tomorrow.  Thanks for reading my brain splatter and have an amazing day!!!

Screwtape Letters June 24, 2016

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The Screwtape letters, a great book by C.S. Lewis, about Screwtape, an older demon, giving advice to Wormwood, a younger demon charged with winning a soul. I have read this book many times and am excited to be facilitating a three week online reading group about this book. I am anticipating some great discussions as we go through this book together. As always, I like to open up these groups to anyone, anywhere that is interested.

  • Dates – Tuesday, June 28, Tuesday, July 5, Tuesday, July 12
  • Time – 6:30pm
  • Where – Online
  • When to read what: Week one chapters 1 – 10, Week two chapters 11 – 20, Week three chapters 21 – 31.
  • What you need – A hard copy of download of the book “The Screwtape Letters” by C.S. Lewis and a desire to discuss it 😀
  • If you’re interested – Contact me, Ginger, at

I would love to have you be a part of what is sure to be riveting discussions.

Thanks for reading my brain splatter and have a great day!!


Happy Father’s Day June 17, 2016

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This father’s day marks three years since my father went home to be with his Father. I suppose I’m the luckiest girl alive to have my dad and my heavenly father both looking down on me and I can only hope I make them both proud with who I am and continue to become. Of course, I still miss him and as I did the past two years I’ll curl up with his favorite shirt and watch Clint Eastwood movies all day in his honor 😀

To all you dads out there who helped fix their kids cars, helped motivate their kids to get straight A’s or good grades, helped with homework, who loved their kids faults and all, who embarrassed their kids at every opportunity or at the most opportune moments anyway, who mowed the lawn with their grand kids and a million other things that only dads and grandpas can do, HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!
You are the men more kids need in their lives.  You are the men to look up to.  Perfect or not, you are the men who are trying. To many kids grow up never knowing a dad so to you who remain active in a positive way in your children’s lives, hats off.

How Many V8s Will It Take…. June 8, 2016

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We all have moments where we realize we just did something idiotic, smack our heads and think back to the “I should of had a V8 commercial”.  Once in awhile, we do something really idiotic and realize, no matter how many V8s we have, it wouldn’t help. Then, there are those, who given a life time supply of V8 would still need just one more. Somedays, those others seem to be everywhere…..just saying.

Honestly, how many V8s is it going to take?


Love Did, Love Does, Love Will Always Do April 28, 2016

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If you receive email from me you know my signature says love did, love does, love will always do. It’s something I truly believe and practice on a regular basis.  Years ago I wrote a blog titled love, over used and under thought.  Would you agree, we say I love you quite often but is it something we mean or something we just say because we’re supposed to?  I believe the latter far more than the former.  I have a difficult time saying those three words unless I 100%, no holds bar love.  I have an even harder time believing them when they are spoken to me.


Love does not fade, love forgives and moves forward.  That means, as it has been said, you write the good things a person does on your heart and the hurtful things in sand so they are blown away as quickly as they occur.  That’s not to say there is no accountability, nor is it saying you don’t work it or you’re expected to forget but you do move forward from it. You don’t bring up past hurts for a lifetime. You focus on the good in a person. Love will bring out the good if you seek it.  Even tough love should be short. As soon as the person shows the smallest progress you come back in, jump in their lives and cheer them on. Positive reinforcement accomplishes so much more than negative words and actions. Remaining out of someones life simply says, I don’t love you, I don’t care, you’re just not good enough to be in my life. It does not express love but judgement.


Love is an action. Love is opening the door when you don’t want to. Love it helping when it’s hard. Love is selfless. Love is generous. Love does. Love does not depend on past deeds. The words I helped, I did, I forgave, I tried are not words of love. Words of love are I helped then and always will, I opened my home to you and always will, I forgave and will always forgive, I believed in you and always will no matter what. Love does not bring up the past and hold someone to past wrongs it moves forward.


Love is not something you fall in and out of. Marriages don’t always work out but if you loved when you married, you don’t fall out of love. You will love that person always. Parents love their children, they don’t always like their actions, their words, how they respond, etc, but they always love them, always accept them, always are there no matter what when they love them. Not all parents love, some hurt, some injure, some walk away but most love with ferocity.


Love is not dependent on the actions of others. You choose to love and sometimes that choice means you love even when those you love are not treating you with love. That goes with forgiving. There are things that are hard to forgive, a cheating spouse, a child that’s taken a life, someone who’s turned their back on you when you needed them most but when you chose to love, you love despite their actions. It’s not easy but it’s what love does.


There was a women I knew who lost her child to a senseless act of violence. When the individual who took her child’s life was caught, it was someone she had loved, invited into her home, taken in as one of her own. This individual had shot into a crowd, not aiming but hit someone they grew up with. This person showed no remorse. The woman’s reaction – love and forgiveness toward the person who took the life of her child. She understood love. I can’t say I would react so graciously to the loss of one of my children.  I would hope I would but I can’t say I would.


Love of things is not love. Things come and go. Money comes and goes. Love stays and you can’t love a thing that is temporary. You can desire it. You can chase after it. You can judge people by how much of it they have but you can’t genuinely love it.


Loved did in the past. Love does in the present. Love can be depended on to always do in the future.   So tell me, do you love?


Thanks for reading my brain splatter and have an amazing day 😀


Exceed Expectations, Raise Bar, Repeat April 8, 2016

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We should live so that we exceed all expectations everyday that we may raise the bar so high that exceed becomes expected. Then exceed expectations and raise it again.

I’m a bit of an overachiever at work, at parenting…I have two overachiever children.  I am a firm believer in being able to do anything.  I want to know how everyone does their job so anyone in need of assistance can depend on me without apprehension and with complete confidence. I also like to take on as much responsibility as I possibly can.  I’ve never met the person who can keep me busy all the time.  I find myself looking for more.

I am the yes, of course, I can learn it, do it, rock it girl.   However, overachievers do have one major flaw, self-neglect because they are to busy doing everything else for everyone else. They are extremely hard on themselves when they are unable to meet someone’s expectations because, and I can guarantee from personal experience, an overachiever is killing themselves trying.

 You can be a bar raiser, expectation exceeded and all around go to person without being an overachiever. Never be complacent, never get to content, never make excuses…things are what they are, always have two mentors, a family member or friend who understands and cares for you and one who mentors you more specifically, who push  you, encourage you and care about you. 


I have had various mentors throughout my life at various times for various reasons. I also have some now.  Here are some mentors past and present, passive and active.

  • Joe Haywood – an amazing mentor with a great deal of experience in life and work.  He has and is teaching me so much about where I work, boilers, room turns and all kinds of maintenance stuff while giving me lots of other administrator stuff.  He keeps it interesting, ever changing and I love it. He is an amazing individual who I am lucky to know and have mentoring me.
  • Frank Esparza – another amazing mentor who I had in my teens and who helped me become who I am today.  While I can’t go into all the detail (to much information for a blog) he taught me about trust, forgiveness, change, acceptance and to never just take someone at their word. Life is a matter of perspective and yours isn’t always right…neither is mine.   The only things I can say are true that you can not debate are things like my name, hair color, dental condition, medical condition, where I work, where I live, whether or not I’m married, whether or not I have children, whether my family is living or dead….these are simply facts.  You’d be foolish to argue them because I can prove facts should I choose to.   What color the sky is, what a passage of scripture in the Bible might mean, how the world will end….perspective….so people won’t always agree.  You take the information you have, you gather what you need and form your perspective.  That won’t make either of us right but we may end up agreeing now and then 😀  Frank is also an amazing father to four beautiful children that I adore.
  • Mike Goldsworthy – another amazing individual who has over the years through his actions given passive mentorship and through his words active mentorship and counsel. I am grateful for both. I consider him someone I can talk to about just about anything and receive unbridled honesty given in love.  He is unique in that.
  • Cathy Taylor – a super amazing woman. Someone who has mentored me quite actively for many years, whether I wanted to be or not.  I am extremely grateful for her tell it like you see it approach tempered with absolute love. She does what she believes is right and for the right reasons and not always with an easy spirit.  I really can’t imagine life without Cathy.
  • Drue Boles – You will never find a more compassionate person.  He genuinely wants whats best. He gently shepherds you into the person you could be. He’s not afraid to get down and harsh when the time calls for it. He is a friend, a mentor, a wonderful man without any doubt.  I am grateful I have met him and had his ear, his counsel and his friendship.  He has a way of knowing you need to talk even during the most silent of times. He is very unique in this.
  • Rodney Ingle (aka my dad) – He spent his life trying to teach me the value of taking good care of things, he changed his life so dramatically that he inspired me.  I know, no matter what you can change anything, you can be anything, you can do anything if you just put your mind to it.  He always loved me no matter what and that wasn’t always easy and in that taught me unconditional love. He taught me to grease barrings on my first car…something I never did again, he taught me to change a tire, change brakes, change windshield wipers and to never buy the same size so you don’t get that line.  He always fixed anything I needed and my gratitude was no near enough for all he taught me and did for me. He passed away and everyday I try to make him proud and know he’s looking down say great job today or try again tomorrow 😀
  • Barbara Ingle – (aka my mom) – My mom is a very strong woman and because of that I am and becoming even more so a very strong woman.  Through loss, life and all the things that seem impossible to overcome her influence helped to make me who I am. She was always there to help no matter the time or the issue.  She was always there to listen and to love.  She walked beside me through a lot of difficulties. She helped me to see where I was wrong so I could move forward in the right. Not everyone gets a mom like that so be grateful if you do.
  • Danny (sorry can’t reveal the name)  – An individual unlike any other. An atheist who challenged my point of view, who I could discuss things with without it being harsh or mean spirited and at times even had some fun with it all.  Still have a little fun now and then with out differences but not nearly as much as we used to as time passes on, we both begin disscussions with others and not each other as much.
  • Becky Van Den Ham – The best friend anyone could ever ask for.  She has been there for me through everything.  She knows more about me than anyone. She has helped to steer me into the woman I am today.  She has loved me wild, crazy, less than morally living and living morally. I have her to thank for so, so much that words can’t express my gratitude and love for her. She is the friend you hear about but don’t usually ever find 😀

There are a million more but this blog is super long already so are you ready to raise your bar?

Thanks for reading and have a happy day,                                                                                                Ginger